Meet Results

April 2014 Far Western Championships

posted Apr 5, 2014, 5:28 AM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Apr 5, 2014, 5:30 AM ]

We are two days in to the 2014 SCY Far Western Championships and I'm amazed at how well the team is doing! Over 175 teams have come out from across the US to compete over the 4 day weekend in Morgan Hill, and we are the 16th largest one here!

You can follow the meet here: 

On day one we had two swimmers make it into the top 10 to final. And the most exciting swim of the night for the team was definitely the 11-12 girls 100 fly. Emma Magnussen was seeded 4th in the program with a time of 59 seconds but added one second in prelims, which bumped her to 9th place and put her in the outside lane 1 during finals. Despite the setback, she came back motivated to race. She was out 27.63 at the first 50, 4th in the event and only .2 seconds faster than the next three girls, but on the back 50 Emma did not slow down! She had an excellent turn and a great finish to out touch her heat and finish 2nd overall with a time of 58.59, a new age group team record. 

Caitlin O'Neill was our second swimmer of the night in the 200y Breaststroke and finished 8th overall. O'Neill was out her fastest 100y split yet in the event at 1:11! 

Day 2 we saw Emma return in finals for the 50y Fly for 6th place with a 27.30, just slightly faster than she was out in the 100 fly. The major upsets of the meet were Malia Fernandez and Jenika Tanjuakio, both dropped 2 and half seconds in their events to jump 15+ places and fight for top spots in finals. With Malia it was in the 100y Freestyle where she was out in her best 50y time yet of 25.96 to finish with a 55.10 in the event! She finished 8th overall! 

Jenika swam backstroke as we've been training (which is to swim as little of backstroke as possible) and saw her huge time drops! In finals Jenika was the only girl to streamline to exactly 15m off the start and kept her on pace with the top swimmer in the event, and off her turn she made it about 12m underwater as well! Her final time was 32.05, a new team record, a new central valley record (I think), third place overall, and also, the FINAL MISSING PRT TIME ON THE 9-10 GIRLS RECORDS LISTING! 


March 2014 Junior Olympic Championships

posted Mar 21, 2014, 2:03 PM by Ellis Aquatics   [ updated Mar 21, 2014, 2:06 PM ]

We were at the larger site this past weekend at the Pacific Swimming Junior Olympics Championships in San Ramon (March 14-16). There were over 80 clubs from an area covering Northern California to Santa Cruz, San Francisco to Reno out to compete over the 3 day weekend, and roughly a third more teams at our site then at the Concord location. 

Our site was a two venue location (one venue boys, one venue girls) while Concord was a one venue location (girls/boys in one course). 

Despite the larger number of competitors fighting for those top 16 spots, we had 30 of our swimmers competed in individual events with 29 qualified to compete in finals! We were the 5th largest team at the meet and had one of the highest percentages of athletes making it into finals (top 16 in an event). Ellis swimmers broke 22 team records and 5 Central Valley records at the meet.

The 5 new Central Valley records were broken this weekend at the meet by two Ellis Aquatics 11-12 year olds. Emma Magnussen (12) won the 50y and 100y Butterfly events this weekend, setting new Central Valley Records in all three butterfly events with a 27.47 in the 50, a 59.39 in the 100, and 2:15.06 in the 200. Magnussen is the first 12 and under girl in the central valley to break the 1:00 mark in the 100 fly. 

The other 2 records were broken by Caitlin O’Neill, who finished 3rd in the 100y and 200y Breaststroke events with a 1:09.91 and 2:27.60. O’Neill is the first 12 and under girl to break the 1:10 mark in the 100 breast from the valley, and the first valley swimmer to break the 2:30 mark in the 200 breaststroke. Both girls are set to be top competitors at the upcoming Far Western International Championships in early April.

It was an incredible experience seeing so many of our local swimmers competing at this level. This was a huge milestone for our club as it was the first time we’ve taken more qualifiers to JO’s then the total number of swimmers we started the club with in late 2010.

In the 9-10 girls division Jenika Tanjuakio (10) was a top five finisher in all seven of her events. She finished third in the 50y butterfly with a 31.43. Tanjuakio and teammate Aislinn Coombs (10) had an incredibly close race in the 100 butterfly with Tanjuakio beating out Coombs for a 2nd place finish in prelims with a 1:09, Coombs third with a 1:10. In finals Coombs out-touched Tanjuakio for 2nd with a 1:09 with Tanjuakio finishing 3rd. Abby Medellin (10) picked up her first Far Westerns International cut in the 100 Backstroke. Liahla Fernandez (9) was one of the youngest swimmers in the meet. Fernandez earned second swims in the 100 IM, 100 Back, and 50 Fly.

I was so proud to see all four of 9-10 girls earn a chance at a second swim. We've been working hard to grow our 9-10 competition group over the past year and their success at the meet really shows how hard they have been working. 

Four 11-12 Ellis girls picked up new qualifying times for the Far Western Championships. Camyle Rosa in the 100 Back (1:06.75), Megan Gee in the 50 Breast (33.51), Abby Figueroa in the 200y Breaststroke (2:42.69), and Malia Fernandez in the 100 IM (1:05.95). These girls, along with Emma Ronquillio, all finished in the top 16 in their events.

Hudson Tsang (12) dropped four seconds in the 50y Breaststroke to finish 2nd overall with a 32.51, beating out many of the expected winners. Tsang times are a new team and Tracy city record. Cristian Munoz earned a chance to make a second swim in his races as well but unfortunately could not stay for finals. 

Hudson was a major upset at the meet by out placing many of the swimmers expected to win in the breaststroke. He dropped a staggering 4 seconds between his entered times, prelim times, and final times during the day! 

All three 13-14 Ellis boys finished top 8 at the meet. Jesse Russell-Cheung (13) finished with a 2:20.49 in the 200y Breaststroke, a new central valley record in the event. Jesse finished 4th in the 200y Breast and 8th in the 100y Breast. Vincent Tejidor (13) finished 8th in the 200y Butterfly with a 2:11.35, a new Far Western time in the event. Tejidor also achieved a new Far Western time in the 100y Breaststroke with a 1:07.49. Caleb Andres (13) finished 8th in the 500y Freestyle with a 5:15.80 in the event. Over the 3 day weekend Andres competed in the 500y, 1000y, and 1650y (mile) freestyle events.

Eighth grader Madesyn Ronquillio finished in the top 16 in all six of her events. Ronquillio was 4th in the 100 Backstroke with a 1:00.40, 5th in the 200y Backstroke with a 2:10, and 5th in the 200 IM with a 2:14.12. Ronquillio will be starting at Tracy High in the fall. Her times in the 100y Back and 200y IM would have been 4th place finishes at last years Sac-Joaquin High School Sections. 

Brianna Carino (13) and Keiana Fountaine (13) both finished in the top 16 in the 200 Butterfly, with Carino finishing at 2:20.86 3rd in consolation finals and Fountaine at 2:21.44 at 4th. Kamryn Lucero (14) dropped time in the 50y Free with a 25.78 and finished 4th in consols. Hunter Luna was right off of best times in her 100y Butterfly and did fantastic for her first major championship meet.

In the 15-18 division Bridgette Houser (15) finished 2nd in the 100y Breaststroke with a 1:10.70, and 4th in the 200y Breaststroke with a 2:36.53. Nathan Hu (15) finished 2nd in the 500y Free with a 5:02.43 and 2nd in prelims in the 200 free at 1:49.47. Danny Russell-Cheung (18) finished 2nd in the 200y Breast with a 2:22.03. Scarlett Green (15) finished 8th with a 1:13.87 in 100y Breaststroke.

Julia Vares (16), Seth Suzuki (16), Preston Tsang (16), Cassidy Waters (18), and Connor Waters (16) all qualified for second swims in their events with this being the first time for most of them competing in individual events at a Junior Olympic meet (except Seth. Seth's always there).

EMMA MAGNUSSEN 200 FR, 50-100-200 Fly, 200 IM
CAITLIN O'NEILL - 100 & 200 BR
MADESYN RONQUILLIO 100/200 BA, 100 Fly 200 IM
NATHAN HU - 200/500/1000 FREE. 200 IM

50 Fly 27.47
100 Fly 59.39
200 Fly 2:15.06

100 Breaststroke 1:09.91
200 Breaststroke 2:27.60

CBA Tiger Meet 1-11-14

posted Jan 20, 2014, 11:28 AM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 2:01 PM by Ellis Aquatics ]

Congratulations to all 50+ swimmers we had compete at the CBA Tiger Aquatics Meet this past weekend. It's incredible to think we had more swimmers showing up to compete at this meet in January then we had on the team our first spring! 

I was waiting to see the total IMX scores from all our new qualifiers from USA swimming, but it's been a week and the meets not showing up in the listings quite yet.

This meet marks a new accomplishment for the club. With Lauryn Lucero's new PRT time (21.15) in the 25y Breaststroke every 8un Girls Record time has now matched Pacific Swimming's PRT time standard. PRT stands for Pacific Reportable Time, which is the highest possible time standard for 8 and unders! Excellent job girls! 

Lauryn Lucero was also our youngest swimmer to compete in the 500 free with a final time of 7:31.42. While I'm still waiting for the official times to post through USA swimming and Pacific, but it looks like Lauryn's time is currently the 3rd fastest 8un 500 Free girls time currently in Pacific Swimming! That would match 8un teammate Logan Edward's 3rd place Pacific ranking in the 500 free he set back in November at the fall distance meet. 

Our next distance meet is in late February at AAA. The events offered are the 500y Free, the 1000y free, and the 1650 (mile) free! I hope to see a big group there! 

Our other 8 and under PRT girl swimmers that helped make this possible include Caitlin O'Neill in 2010, Jenika Tanjuakio in 2012, and Liahla Fernandez and Ryan Cox in 2013. 

The LCM 8un records are also all PRT times and are currently held by Jenika Tanjuakio's swims in 2012. Records are meant to be broken so I'm excited to see what next LCM season will bring. 

The next age group that's close to achieving all PRT times for records is the 9-10 girls, who are just missing PRT's in the 50y Back and 50y Fly SCY, and during the summer LCM season in the 100 Back and 100 Fly. 

Here's the current 8 and under Girls SCY Top 2 Records Listings.

25 Free
1O'NEILL, CAITLIN I8.7EA15.50PRT2010-10-16
2LUCERO, LAURYN A8.3EA15.59PRT2013-10-05
50 Free
1TANJUAKIO, JENIKA P8.8EA33.36PRT2012-04-28
2O'NEILL, CAITLIN I8.7EA33.98PRT2010-10-09
100 Free
1O'NEILL, CAITLIN I8.8EA1:15.54PRT2010-11-06
25 Back
1LUCERO, LAURYN A7.8EA19.09PRT2013-03-23
2FERNANDEZ, LIAHLA P8.9EA19.49A2013-03-23
50 Back
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.4EA39.54PRT2013-11-22
2TANJUAKIO, JENIKA P8.8EA39.58PRT2012-04-15
25 Breast
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.6EA21.15PRT2014-01-11
2O'NEILL, CAITLIN I8.8EA22.94A2010-11-20
50 Breast
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.4EA45.71PRT2013-11-22
2O'NEILL, CAITLIN I8.8EA45.79PRT2010-11-06
25 Fly
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.3EA16.65PRT2013-10-05
2TANJUAKIO, JENIKA P8.8EA16.76PRT2012-04-28
50 Fly
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.3EA37.71PRT2013-10-05
2TANJUAKIO, JENIKA P8.8EA38.29PRT2012-04-15
100 IM
1LUCERO, LAURYN A8.6EA1:24.06PRT2014-01-11
2TANJUAKIO, JENIKA P8.1EA1:25.22PRT2012-03-24

Back to the meet. 

Our youngest swimmer at the meet was 5 and a half year old Ashley Hickok, who successfully completed the 25 and 50y freestyles, the 50 back and 25 fly! Great job Ashley! 

8 and under Jessie Davis picked up a new best time in the 25 free, Michaela Hickok picked up new est times in the 50 back, and 100 IM, Lauryn Lucero picked up new best times in the 100 Free, 25 breast, and 100 IM. With the boys Declan Coombs picked up a new A time in the 25 free and 25 backstroke, and a new B time in the 50 fly! Logan Edwards went a best time in the 50 back, dropping a full second! Isaac Russell-Cheung was right off best times in his events. 

In the 9-10 division Nika Bergado had an amazing meet going best times in every one of her 6 events. She also picked up a new B time in the 50 free. Aislinn Coombs picked up her first far westerns time in the 100 fly with a 1:14. Jilliyn Lucero picked up new JO's in the 500 free and 100 Fly. Abigail Medellin picked up first JO's in the 50 and 100 backstroke races. Kayla Medellin picked up a new B time in the 50 fly. 

Marijo Pena picked up 4 new best times in the 50 and 100 free, 100 breast, and 100 IM, with a new B time in both the 50 free and 100 Breast. Valerie Short dropped time in the 50 and 100 free. Jenika Tanjuakio picked up a new best time in the 50 back, while her younger sister Yaelle picked up new best times in the 100 free and 100 IM. Ronin Tsang went best times in the 50 free and 100 breaststroke. 

In the 11-12 group Journey Cahayag went best times in all six of her events! She also dropped 18 seconds in her 100 backstroke! Megan Gee picked up a new A time in the 500 Free with a 42 second drop. Gee also dropped 10 seconds in her 200 IM for a new A Time. Emma Ronquillio dropped 17 seconds in the 500 free for a 6:17, new A time, and 4 seconds in the 100 Breast. Camyle Rosa picked up a new JO in the 200 IM. 

With the 11-12 boys Kyle Suzuki was the team allstar. Between his 6 events he dropped over 50 seconds, an picked up new A and B times in every event swum. With a bit of focused work Kyle has a great shot of qualifying for the March Junior Olympics! Marx John Pena picked up new bests in 200 free, 100 back and 100 IM, with a 6 second drop in the IM. Hudson Tsang went personal bests in the 100 and 50 free. Hudson was also only half a second away from qualifying for the 50 breaststroke! Vince Tejidor, back from the Pacific Coast All-Star Meet, dominated the meet with his last races as an 11-12 year old. He went a personal best in the 200 free. 

In the 13-14 bracket, Justine Abuso went personal records in the 100 free and 200 IM. Brianna Carino and Mariah Hu swam their first meets as 13 year olds and competed in their first 200 breaststroke for their IMX events. Chaz Embucado raced her first official meet and competed in the 200 back, 200 breast, and 200 IM! Megan Loomis went best times in the 500 free, 200 breast and 400 IM. Hunter Luna picked up a new B time in 200 free. Geby Orihuela dropped 17 seconds in her 200 breaststroke, and Cyanna Rosa went best timmes in the 50 free, 100 back, 200 breast, and 100 fly! 

Kamryn Lucero competed in every one of her IMX events this weekend, picking up A Times in the 500 free, 200 back, 200 breast, and 200 IM, and JO's in the 200 fly and 400 IM. Keiana Fountaine went a personal best in the 400 IM, and filled out more of her IMX events. Scarlett Green raced in the 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Fly, and 200/400 IM, completing her IMX events. 

13 year old Madesyn Ronquillio swam her first 200 backstroke with a 2:13! She's now only 4 seconds away from her sectionals time in the event. 

With the 13-14 boys Kristian Ibale was another swimmer who went personal bests in every single event, with 7 events swum over the weekend. His brother Kristopher went personal bests in the 100 back, Brandon Liu went a best in the 100 free, Esteban Perez went best times in the 50 free and 200 IM, and Jesse Russell-Cheung went best times in the 500 free with a 22 second drop. 

Bridgette Houser had strong swims in the 15-18 division, with personal bests in the 200 fee and 200 backstroke, She also completed every one of her IMX events at the meet. Gaby Perez picked up a new B time in the 100 Breast, and Julia Vares survived her first 200 back and 200 fly, picking up an A time in the 200 fly. Nathan Hu was right off best times throughout the weekend, Danny Russell-Cheung went best times in the 50 free and swam his first 200 back for the season. Seth Suzuki picked up a new JO in the 200 fly with a 2:11, while Preston Tsang went a best time in the 100 fly. 


Jilliyn Lucero 500 Free, 100 Fly
Kamryn Lucero 200 Fly
Camyle Rosa 200 IM
Madesyn Ronquillio 50 free
Seth Suzuki 200 Fly


Aislinn Coombs 100 FLY
Madesyn Ronquillio 200 back


Lauryn Lucero 25 Breast, 100 IM
Madesyn Ronquillio 200 Back
Kamryn Lucero 400 IM

2013 - Winter Junior Olympic Championships

posted Dec 18, 2013, 1:49 PM by Pat Windschitl

We sent out Seventeen 14 and under swimmers came out to the Winter Junior Olympic Championships this past weekend in Morgan Hill. It was our largest Winter group yet.  We had 130 swims over the 3 day weekend, and I was ecstatic that we for the first time had four 9-10 girls qualified to compete, allowing for 9-10 girls relays! We also had nine 11-12 girls qualify allowing for A and B relays in every event! 

In the 10 and under age group, first time JO swimmer Aislinn Coombs went personal bests in the 50 free and dropped nearly 4 seconds in the 100 fly to finish with a 1:07! Liahla Fernandez went personal bests in the 50 and 100 free. Jilliyn Lucero and Jenika Tanjuakio both had full meets, with the 9 maximum events. Jenika made second swims in the 50 and 100 fly!

With the 11-12 year olds, Briana Carino finalled in the 50-200 fly, and the 400 IM. Malia Fernandez went a personal best in the 50 back for a new FW. Abby Figuero dropped time in the 50y breaststroke, with Megan Gee dropping time in the 50 free and 200 Breaststroke. Mariah Hu dropped 5 seconds in her 1650. Emma Magnussen finalled in the 500 free, 50 and 100 fly where she set new team records. 

Caitlin O'Neill went a new personal best in the 500 free in finals with a 5:35, and was a top placing finisher in the 50, 100 and 200 breaststroke events.  Vincent Tejidor went personal bests in the 200 Fly, 50 Breast, 1650 Free, and 200 IM. 

This was the first JO meet for Emma Ronquillio, who dropped 2 seconds in her 200 free, and Camyle Rosa, who competed in 7 events over the weekend. 

This was the first Jo meet for all 3 of our swimmers in the 13-14 division for the 13-14 age group. Madesyn Ronquillio dropped time in almost every single event, and picked up a new FARW time in the 100 Breaststroke with a 1:11. She was also a top placing finisher in the 100 Backstroke and 100 Fly. Caleb Andres dropped the most amount of time over the weekend with nearly 40 seconds off in his 1650 freestyle. Jesse Russell-Cheung was right off personal bests in the 100 and 200 Breaststroke.

Over the weekend we had 15 team records broken by 6 different swimmers! 

Full results are up below. With a link to the full placing here:

EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free P31.20 JOdot31.25-0.05-0.2%31.63-0.43-1.4%
50 Back P37.96 A 37.34+0.62+1.7%37.72+0.24+0.6%
50 Breast P43.08 JO 41.49+1.59+3.8%41.49+1.59+3.8%
100 Breast P1:31.54 JO 1:28.84+2.70+3.0%1:31.74-0.20-0.2%
50 Fly P35.45 JO 35.26+0.19+0.5%35.26+0.19+0.5%
100 Fly P1:17.69 JOdot1:21.16-3.47-4.3%1:21.16-3.47-4.3%
50 Free P31.44 JOdot32.11-0.67-2.1%32.11-0.67-2.1%
100 Free P1:10.17 JOdot1:10.30-0.13-0.2%1:10.30-0.13-0.2%
50 Back P38.11 A 36.05+2.06+5.7%36.05+2.06+5.7%
100 Back P1:21.94 JO 1:21.08+0.86+1.1%1:24.30-2.36-2.8%
50 Free P32.39 A 30.66+1.73+5.6%31.92+0.47+1.5%
100 Free P1:14.87 A 1:09.16+5.71+8.3%1:09.16+5.71+8.3%
50 Back P37.55 A 36.68+0.87+2.4%37.38+0.17+0.5%
100 Back P1:19.49 JO 1:16.64+2.85+3.7%1:17.85+1.64+2.1%
50 Breast P42.68 JO 41.78+0.90+2.2%44.28-1.60-3.6%
100 Breast P1:32.12 JO 1:31.48+0.64+0.7%1:31.57+0.55+0.6%
50 Fly P36.12 JO 35.11+1.01+2.9%35.11+1.01+2.9%
100 IM P1:17.53 JO 1:17.04+0.49+0.6%1:18.39-0.86-1.1%
200 IM P2:49.89 JO 2:47.32+2.57+1.5%2:47.32+2.57+1.5%
50 Free P30.80 JO 29.54+1.26+4.3%29.54+1.26+4.3%
100 Free P1:07.78 JO 1:04.63+3.15+4.9%1:05.97+1.81+2.7%
200 Free P2:24.97 JO 2:24.11+0.86+0.6%2:24.11+0.86+0.6%
500 Free P6:35.53 JO 6:29.73+5.80+1.5%6:29.73+5.80+1.5%
50 Back P37.44 JO 35.64+1.80+5.1%36.87+0.57+1.5%
100 Back P1:16.92 JO 1:16.63+0.29+0.4%1:18.63-1.71-2.2%
50 Fly F33.53 FARW 32.92+0.61+1.9%32.92+0.61+1.9%
50 Fly P32.45 FARWdot32.92-0.47-1.4%32.92-0.47-1.4%
100 Fly F1:14.12 FARW 1:11.94+2.18+3.0%1:11.94+2.18+3.0%
100 Fly P1:13.03 PRT 1:11.94+1.09+1.5%1:11.94+1.09+1.5%
200 IM P2:43.14 FARW 2:40.43+2.71+1.7%2:40.43+2.71+1.7%

11-12    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free P27.41 JO 27.40+0.01+0.0%27.68-0.27-1.0%
100 Free P58.32 FARW 58.04+0.28+0.5%58.04+0.28+0.5%
1650 Free F20:14.10 JO 19:44.12+29.98+2.5%19:44.12+29.98+2.5%
200 Back P2:27.57 JOdot2:30.63-3.06-2.0%2:30.63-3.06-2.0%
50 Fly F29.17 FARWdot29.19-0.02-0.1%29.29-0.12-0.4%
50 Fly P28.88 FARWdot29.19-0.31-1.1%29.29-0.41-1.4%
100 Fly F1:05.95 FARW 1:04.33+1.62+2.5%1:04.33+1.62+2.5%
100 Fly P1:05.14 FARW 1:04.33+0.81+1.3%1:04.33+0.81+1.3%
200 Fly F2:26.46 PRT 2:22.71+3.75+2.6%2:22.71+3.75+2.6%
200 Fly P2:22.24 PRTdot2:22.71-0.47-0.3%2:22.71-0.47-0.3%
100 IM P1:08.54 JOdot1:10.35-1.81-2.6%1:10.35-1.81-2.6%
400 IM F5:14.31 FARW 5:05.94+8.37+2.7%5:05.94+8.37+2.7%
400 IM P5:13.08 FARW 5:05.94+7.14+2.3%5:05.94+7.14+2.3%
200 Free P2:16.62 JO 2:10.79+5.83+4.5%2:11.87+4.75+3.6%
50 Back P31.16 FARWdot31.48-0.32-1.0%31.48-0.32-1.0%
100 Back P1:11.87 A 1:08.54+3.33+4.9%1:09.72+2.15+3.1%
200 Fly P2:41.05 A 2:35.55+5.50+3.5%2:42.99-1.94-1.2%
100 IM P1:10.45 JO 1:09.69+0.76+1.1%1:09.69+0.76+1.1%
200 Free P2:15.71 JO 2:15.70+0.01+0.0%2:15.70+0.01+0.0%
50 Breast P36.22 JOdot36.38-0.16-0.4%37.00-0.78-2.1%
100 Breast P1:18.51 JO 1:17.83+0.68+0.9%1:19.14-0.63-0.8%
200 Breast P2:49.26 JO 2:45.85+3.41+2.1%2:45.85+3.41+2.1%
100 IM P1:12.29 A 1:11.04+1.25+1.8%1:11.04+1.25+1.8%
GEE, MEGAN L     12.1
50 Free P28.21 JOdot28.41-0.20-0.7%28.41-0.20-0.7%
100 Free P1:00.44 JO 1:00.16+0.28+0.5%1:00.16+0.28+0.5%
50 Breast P35.25 FARW 35.06+0.19+0.5%35.06+0.19+0.5%
100 Breast P1:18.97 JO 1:17.00+1.97+2.6%1:17.00+1.97+2.6%
200 Breast P2:47.79 JOdot2:50.46-2.67-1.6%2:50.46-2.67-1.6%
100 IM P1:10.70 JO 1:09.24+1.46+2.1%1:09.24+1.46+2.1%
HU, MARIAH Y     12.9
200 Free P2:18.80 A 2:17.29+1.51+1.1%2:17.29+1.51+1.1%
1650 Free F21:21.75 JOdot21:26.90-5.15-0.4%21:26.90-5.15-0.4%
200 Free P2:10.58 JOdot2:11.73-1.15-0.9%2:11.73-1.15-0.9%
500 Free F5:41.63 FARW 5:41.22+0.41+0.1%5:41.22+0.41+0.1%
500 Free P5:40.50 FARWdot5:41.22-0.72-0.2%5:41.22-0.72-0.2%
1650 Free F19:27.59 PRTdot19:44.04-16.45-1.4%19:44.04-16.45-1.4%
50 Fly F28.90 FARW 28.63+0.27+0.9%28.63+0.27+0.9%
50 Fly P28.30 PRTdot28.63-0.33-1.2%28.63-0.33-1.2%
100 Fly F1:04.06 PRT 1:03.38+0.68+1.1%1:03.38+0.68+1.1%
100 Fly P1:02.89 PRTdot1:03.38-0.49-0.8%1:03.38-0.49-0.8%
200 Fly P2:30.56 FARW 2:22.71+7.85+5.5%2:22.71+7.85+5.5%
100 IM P1:09.42 JOdot1:10.62-1.20-1.7%1:10.62-1.20-1.7%
200 IM P2:32.21 A 2:28.81+3.40+2.3%2:28.81+3.40+2.3%
400 IM P5:19.33 JO 5:09.85+9.48+3.1%5:14.55+4.78+1.5%
200 Free P2:11.03 JO 2:08.11+2.92+2.3%2:08.11+2.92+2.3%
500 Free F5:35.14 PRTdot5:43.07-7.93-2.3%5:45.23-10.09-2.9%
500 Free P5:40.11 FARWdot5:43.07-2.96-0.9%5:45.23-5.12-1.5%
50 Back P32.86 JO 32.30+0.56+1.7%32.30+0.56+1.7%
100 Back P1:10.52 JO 1:07.74+2.78+4.1%1:10.95-0.43-0.6%
50 Breast F33.67 PRTdot33.72-0.05-0.1%33.74-0.07-0.2%
50 Breast P33.67 PRTdot33.72-0.05-0.1%33.74-0.07-0.2%
100 Breast F1:10.71 PRTdot1:10.90-0.19-0.3%1:13.02-2.31-3.2%
100 Breast P1:12.41 PRT 1:10.90+1.51+2.1%1:13.02-0.61-0.8%
200 Breast F2:30.83 PRTdot2:31.93-1.10-0.7%2:35.01-4.18-2.7%
200 Breast P2:32.09 PRT 2:31.93+0.16+0.1%2:35.01-2.92-1.9%
200 IM F2:22.65 FARWdot2:22.83-0.18-0.1%2:24.09-1.44-1.0%
200 IM P2:21.24 FARWdot2:22.83-1.59-1.1%2:24.09-2.85-2.0%
400 IM PDQ  4:59.264:59.26
200 Free P2:13.92 JOdot2:15.72-1.80-1.3%2:15.72-1.80-1.3%
ROSA, CAMYLE A     12.2
50 Free P29.18 A 28.32+0.86+3.0%28.32+0.86+3.0%
100 Free P1:01.50 JO 1:01.24+0.26+0.4%1:01.24+0.26+0.4%
50 Back P33.07 JO 31.90+1.17+3.7%31.90+1.17+3.7%
100 Back P1:11.21 A 1:10.28+0.93+1.3%1:10.28+0.93+1.3%
50 Fly P30.06 JO 30.00+0.06+0.2%30.00+0.06+0.2%
100 Fly P1:12.07 A 1:08.31+3.76+5.5%1:08.31+3.76+5.5%
100 IM P1:10.88 JO 1:09.91+0.97+1.4%1:09.91+0.97+1.4%

11-12    BOYS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
1650 Free F20:31.39 JOdot20:36.73-5.34-0.4%20:36.73-5.34-0.4%
50 Breast F32.95 PRTdot33.42-0.47-1.4%33.42-0.47-1.4%
50 Breast P33.07 PRTdot33.42-0.35-1.0%33.42-0.35-1.0%
100 Breast PDQ  1:13.391:14.05
200 Breast F2:36.25 PRT 2:31.96+4.29+2.8%2:33.68+2.57+1.7%
200 Breast P2:33.90 PRT 2:31.96+1.94+1.3%2:33.68+0.22+0.1%
50 Fly F28.76 FARW 28.19+0.57+2.0%28.67+0.09+0.3%
50 Fly P28.80 FARW 28.19+0.61+2.2%28.67+0.13+0.5%
100 Fly F1:02.61 PRT 1:01.52+1.09+1.8%1:01.52+1.09+1.8%
100 Fly P1:02.53 PRT 1:01.52+1.01+1.6%1:01.52+1.01+1.6%
200 Fly P2:18.88 PRT 2:18.38+0.50+0.4%2:18.38+0.50+0.4%
200 Fly F2:15.07 PRTdot2:18.38-3.31-2.4%2:18.38-3.31-2.4%
100 IM F1:06.56 JO 1:04.94+1.62+2.5%1:04.94+1.62+2.5%
100 IM P1:05.06 FARW 1:04.94+0.12+0.2%1:04.94+0.12+0.2%
200 IM F2:17.84 PRTdot2:27.37-9.53-6.5%2:26.22-8.38-5.7%
200 IM P2:20.90 FARWdot2:27.37-6.47-4.4%2:26.22-5.32-3.6%

13-14    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
100 Free P57.09 JOdot57.32-0.23-0.4%57.32-0.23-0.4%
200 Free P2:04.10 JOdot2:05.37-1.27-1.0%2:05.37-1.27-1.0%
100 Back F1:01.73 FARWdot1:02.87-1.14-1.8%1:02.87-1.14-1.8%
100 Back P1:03.64 JO 1:02.87+0.77+1.2%1:02.87+0.77+1.2%
100 Breast P1:11.15 FARWdot1:13.92-2.77-3.7%1:13.92-2.77-3.7%
100 Fly F1:02.48 JOdot1:03.98-1.50-2.3%1:03.98-1.50-2.3%
100 Fly P1:02.67 JOdot1:03.98-1.31-2.0%1:03.98-1.31-2.0%
200 Fly P2:23.91 JO 2:21.74+2.17+1.5%2:21.74+2.17+1.5%
200 IM F2:18.89 JO 2:17.71+1.18+0.9%2:17.71+1.18+0.9%
200 IM P2:16.85 JOdot2:17.71-0.86-0.6%2:17.71-0.86-0.6%

13-14    BOYS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
ANDRES, CALEB L     13.5
1650 Free F18:29.17 JOdot19:08.47-39.30-3.4%19:08.47-39.30-3.4%
100 Breast P1:06.47 FARW 1:06.02+0.45+0.7%1:06.02+0.45+0.7%
200 Breast P2:25.77 FARW 2:25.43+0.34+0.2%2:25.43+0.34+0.2%
Caitlin O'Neill - 50/100/200 Breaststroke, 200 IM
Emma Magnussen - 50/100 Butterfly
Brianna Carino - 200 Butterfly
Vincent Tejidor - 1650 Free, 50 Breast, 200 Fly
Madesyn Ronquillio - 100 BA, 100 BR, 100 Fly, 200 IM
Caleb Andres - 1650 Free

2013 - Last Chance Race to Winter JO's

posted Nov 27, 2013, 11:50 AM by Pat Windschitl

Congratulations to all our swimmers who raced in the Winter JO's Last Chance meet! I can't wait to see what we do in 2 weeks at the Championships! There were way to many amazing swims to write about. It was a great meet. 

We had 3 swimmers drop time in every single race, Emma Ronquillio, Madesyn Ronquillio and Camyle Rosa!

We also had 2 girls tie for first with a new team record in the 200 Butterfly. Congrats to Emma M and Brianna C, with their near identical splits of 30, 34, 39, 37 to finish with a 2:22.71. A new team tied record (a team first) and PRT times in the event. Both girls are now ranked top 10 in the Pacific Region in the event!  On the boys side in fly we had Vince Tejidor win the 100 Fly with a 1:01, ranking him 3rd currently in the Pacific Region in the event, and 2:18 in the 200 Fly, ranking him 4th overall in Pacific.

Our top time drop in a 100y or shorter event was with Camyle Rosa, who dropped nearly 11 seconds in her 100 Butterfly (a 13.6% time drop) to pickup new JO's in the event with a 1:08! 

ROSA, CAMYLE A     12.2

50 Free F






100 Free F






50 Back F






100 Back F






50 Breast F






50 Fly F






100 Fly F






100 IM F






In the 200+ yard events Brianna Carino dropped 21 seconds (12.5%) in the 200 Back for a new JO time, and 45 seconds (12.9%) in the 400 IM for a new FW. Meigan Loomis dropped 35 seconds (16.4%) in her 200 Breaststroke for a new A time of 3:02.74. 

New Records! 
24 Swims made the teams top 2!
Lauryn Lucero - 50 Back, 50 Breast
Isaac Russell-Cheung 100 Free, 50 Back
Caitlin O'Neill 200 Back, 400 IM
Emma Magnussen 100 Fly, 200 Fly - tied
Brianna Carino - 200 Fly - tied
Vince Tejidor - 1650 Free, 100 Fly, 200 Fly
Marx John Pena - 200 Back
Madesyn Ronquillio - 100 Breast
Jesse Russell-Cheung 100 Breast

Lauryn Lucero - 50 breaststroke
Brianna Carino - 100 Fly
Emma Magnussen - 100 Fly, 200 Fly
Caitlin O'Neill - 400 IM

Brianna Carino - 100/500 Free, 400 IM
Megan Gee - 50 Breast
Emma Magnussen - 500 Free
Caitlin O'Neill - 200 Free, 200 Back

Liahla Fernandez - 50 Back
Jilliyn Lucero 100 Free
Brianna Carino - 200 Back
Abby Figueroa - 200 Free, 100 IM
Megan Gee - 50/100 Free, 100/200 Breast, 100 IM
Mariah Hu - 200 Free
Emma Magnussen - 200 Back, 200 IM
Camyle Rosa - 50/100 FR, 50/100 BA, 100 Fly, 100 IM
Vince Tejidor - 100 Free
Madesyn Ronquillio - 200 Free

Ryan Cox - 100 IM
Marx John Pena - 100 Back, 200 Back
Kris Ibale - 50 Free
Jesse Russell-Cheung - 100 Fly

2013 PC QUIK DISTANCE MEET in Rohnert Park

posted Nov 14, 2013, 9:38 AM by Pat Windschitl

I can comfortably say that the 2013 PC QUIK DISTANCE MEET in Rohnert Park did not run as we had planned. With power problems that went from major delays, to cancellations, to cancellations of the cancellations all on the first day this meet was shaping up to be trouble. 

For those who haven't been to Rohnert Park before it is easily the smallest pool we've ever been at. 6 lanes narrow and 3 to 4 feet deep, with a connected L shaped 10x10 yard dive tank, with a half hour of warm up in the main pool to prepare for the mile, the 1000, and more. 

And even with that, our swimmers did amazing! 

We had four 11-12 girls swim the mile (1650) and all 4 picked up at least their Junior Olympic cut time! Congratulations Mariah Hu on her first 11-12 JO TIME!! And to Malia Fernandez on her new JO's in the event! Caitlin O'Neill and Emma Magnussen did amazing in the event, holding an average split time of 1:11 and 1:12 for the 16 100's + 50 yards. Both picked up new PRT times in the event! They both also picked up PRT times in the 1000 as well! 

If we look at Pacific Swimming's current results, we now have four of our swimmers in the top 15 for the mile (with two 11 year olds)! That's more than any other team! Great job girls! 

In the other 11-12 events we also had strong swims. Emma picked up new PRT in 200 Fly at 2:29, Malia new JO's at 2:35, Both Emma and Malia picked up new Jo's in the 400 IM.

In the 10 and under events, Liahla Fernandez broke into the 6 minute range for the first time in her 500 Free with a 6:55, a 20 second time drop and a new JO time! She also dropped 30 seconds in her 200 Back, and 10 seconds in her 200 Breast, which is finally shaping up to be something great! 

Logan Edwards dropped nearly a minute and a half in his 500 free to finish 8:34.22, he also had very strong swims in his 100 backstroke, 100 butterfly and 200 free. He was the first place swimmer in all three of these events! 

7 year old Michaela Hickok survived her first 100 free, 100 breast, 100 IM, and 200 IM, picking up B times in all the 100's! Great job Michaela! 

Nathan Hu was just off his best in the 500 free, at 5:15.99, with Riley Gilmore right at his average time in 200 free at 2:05. In the mile he finished 4th with a 21:17. 


Caitlin O'Neill 1000 & 1650

PLS CBA 10/20 Meet

posted Oct 30, 2013, 10:16 AM by Pat Windschitl

Pleasanton Results are up here:

Congratulations to all our swimmers on their swims! 

Jenika Tanjuakio 50 Fly
Caitlin O'Neill 50 Breast, 400 IM


Biggest Time Drop!
Yaelle Tanjuakio - 20% (25 seconds) time drop in the 100 free!

Full team results below! 

EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F50.84 B 47.57+3.27+6.9%49.23+1.61+3.3%
25 Breast 155ft F27.90 B 27.33+0.57+2.1%28.16-0.26-0.9%
50 Breast 155ft F59.01 B 58.26+0.75+1.3%58.26+0.75+1.3%
25 Fly 155ft F27.75 -- 27.40+0.35+1.3%27.40+0.35+1.3%
50 Free 155ft F44.30 B 44.27+0.03+0.1%44.27+0.03+0.1%
100 Free 155ft F1:41.06 Bdot1:41.33-0.27-0.3%1:41.33-0.27-0.3%
25 Back 155ft F24.37 Bdot25.45-1.08-4.2%25.45-1.08-4.2%
50 Back 155ft F54.46 Bdot55.76-1.30-2.3%56.87-2.41-4.2%
50 Breast 155ft F1:03.82 B 57.30+6.52+11.4%57.30+6.52+11.4%
25 Fly 155ft F22.04 Adot24.21-2.17-9.0%25.67-3.63-14.1%
100 IM 155ft F1:54.99 B NTNT
50 Free 155ft F47.13 B 42.73+4.40+10.3%44.26+2.87+6.5%
100 Free 155ft F1:42.18 Bdot2:08.06-25.88-20.2%1:45.27-3.09-2.9%
25 Back 155ft F23.34 A 22.48+0.86+3.8%23.02+0.32+1.4%
50 Back 155ft F51.91 A 49.65+2.26+4.6%49.65+2.26+4.6%
25 Breast 155ft F28.88 B 26.05+2.83+10.9%26.05+2.83+10.9%
50 Breast 155ft F1:01.97 B 59.27+2.70+4.6%1:03.35-1.38-2.2%
25 Fly 155ft F22.41 A 22.32+0.09+0.4%22.32+0.09+0.4%
100 IM 155ft F1:51.08 Bdot1:58.54-7.46-6.3%1:58.54-7.46-6.3%

EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F50.56 B 48.93+1.63+3.3%48.93+1.63+3.3%
25 Back 155ft F27.85 B 26.24+1.61+6.1%26.24+1.61+6.1%
50 Back 155ft F1:05.48 -- 58.47+7.01+12.0%1:04.80+0.68+1.0%
25 Breast 155ft F26.48 Bdot27.45-0.97-3.5%28.17-1.69-6.0%
50 Breast 155ft F58.42 Bdot1:02.24-3.82-6.1%1:06.33-7.91-11.9%
25 Fly 155ft F29.42 -- 28.71+0.71+2.5%28.71+0.71+2.5%
50 Free 155ft F38.79 Adot42.47-3.68-8.7%42.76-3.97-9.3%
100 Free 155ft F1:27.07 A 1:26.43+0.64+0.7%1:26.43+0.64+0.7%
25 Back 155ft F22.80 Adot24.62-1.82-7.4%24.62-1.82-7.4%
50 Back 155ft F48.60 Adot52.70-4.10-7.8%52.70-4.10-7.8%
25 Breast 155ft F24.48 Adot26.57-2.09-7.9%26.57-2.09-7.9%
50 Breast 155ft F52.02 Adot58.59-6.57-11.2%59.52-7.50-12.6%
25 Fly 155ft F22.60 Bdot24.01-1.41-5.9%24.08-1.48-6.1%
100 IM 155ft F1:41.95 Adot1:50.24-8.29-7.5%1:50.24-8.29-7.5%
50 Free 155ft F58.99 --dot1:03.27-4.28-6.8%1:05.61-6.62-10.1%
50 Back 155ft F1:10.74 -- NT1:46.75-36.01-33.7%
25 Breast 155ft F33.24 --dot36.58-3.34-9.1%36.58-3.34-9.1%
100 IM 155ft F2:26.06 -- NTNT

9-10    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F31.63 JO 31.25+0.38+1.2%31.25+0.38+1.2%
100 Free 155ft F1:13.02 Adot1:14.77-1.75-2.3%1:14.77-1.75-2.3%
50 Back 155ft F37.72 A 37.34+0.38+1.0%37.34+0.38+1.0%
100 Back 155ft F1:22.42 Adot1:23.41-0.99-1.2%1:23.41-0.99-1.2%
50 Breast 155ft F41.49 JOdot43.28-1.79-4.1%43.38-1.89-4.4%
100 Breast 155ft F1:31.74 JO 1:28.84+2.90+3.3%1:28.84+2.90+3.3%
50 Fly 155ft F35.26 JOdot35.92-0.66-1.8%35.92-0.66-1.8%
COX, RYAN W     9.3
50 Free 155ft F34.53 A 33.87+0.66+1.9%33.87+0.66+1.9%
100 Free 155ft F1:15.27 Adot1:17.39-2.12-2.7%1:17.39-2.12-2.7%
50 Back 155ft F40.89 A 39.97+0.92+2.3%41.22-0.33-0.8%
100 Back 155ft F1:26.62 A 1:26.12+0.50+0.6%1:27.57-0.95-1.1%
50 Breast 155ft F45.73 Adot47.15-1.42-3.0%47.15-1.42-3.0%
100 Breast 155ft F1:43.36 B 1:42.17+1.19+1.2%1:43.88-0.52-0.5%
50 Fly 155ft F44.32 --dot44.74-0.42-0.9%44.74-0.42-0.9%
200 IM 155ft F3:12.90 B 3:11.97+0.93+0.5%3:11.97+0.93+0.5%
50 Free 155ft F35.26 A 33.78+1.48+4.4%33.78+1.48+4.4%
100 Free 155ft F1:17.47 A 1:16.45+1.02+1.3%1:16.45+1.02+1.3%
50 Back 155ft F39.26 A 38.25+1.01+2.6%39.64-0.38-1.0%
100 Back 155ft FDQ  1:26.091:26.61
50 Breast 155ft F45.66 Adot45.91-0.25-0.5%45.91-0.25-0.5%
100 Breast 155ft F1:34.66 Adot1:35.30-0.64-0.7%1:35.30-0.64-0.7%
50 Fly 155ft F38.39 A 37.97+0.42+1.1%37.97+0.42+1.1%
200 IM 155ft F3:02.08 Adot3:02.16-0.08-0.0%3:02.16-0.08-0.0%
50 Free 155ft F38.23 B 37.64+0.59+1.6%38.08+0.15+0.4%
100 Free 155ft F1:22.80 Bdot1:26.11-3.31-3.8%1:26.11-3.31-3.8%
50 Back 155ft F44.89 B 43.65+1.24+2.8%43.65+1.24+2.8%
100 Back 155ft F1:33.23 B 1:32.50+0.73+0.8%1:32.50+0.73+0.8%
50 Breast 155ft F48.34 B 47.28+1.06+2.2%47.28+1.06+2.2%
100 Breast 155ft F1:43.94 B 1:40.31+3.63+3.6%1:40.31+3.63+3.6%
50 Fly 155ft F45.36 -- 44.93+0.43+1.0%45.96-0.60-1.3%
200 IM 155ft F3:18.17 Bdot3:29.22-11.05-5.3%3:25.30-7.13-3.5%
50 Free 155ft F39.98 -- 38.92+1.06+2.7%38.92+1.06+2.7%
50 Back 155ft F48.56 --dot51.22-2.66-5.2%52.00-3.44-6.6%
50 Breast 155ft F56.16 --dot56.84-0.68-1.2%56.84-0.68-1.2%
200 IM 155ft FDQ  3:52.853:52.85
50 Free 155ft F39.38 -- 38.78+0.60+1.5%38.78+0.60+1.5%
100 Free 155ft F1:32.22 --dot1:33.27-1.05-1.1%1:33.27-1.05-1.1%
50 Back 155ft F45.12 B 43.95+1.17+2.7%43.95+1.17+2.7%
100 Back 155ft F1:40.32 -- 1:35.54+4.78+5.0%1:35.87+4.45+4.6%
50 Breast 155ft F51.92 B 50.39+1.53+3.0%51.80+0.12+0.2%
100 Breast 155ft F1:53.18 --dot1:53.90-0.72-0.6%1:53.90-0.72-0.6%
50 Fly 155ft F43.43 B 42.61+0.82+1.9%42.61+0.82+1.9%
200 IM 155ft F3:34.16 -- NTNT
50 Free 155ft F33.88 Adot35.17-1.29-3.7%35.17-1.29-3.7%
100 Free 155ft F1:24.57 B 1:20.78+3.79+4.7%1:20.78+3.79+4.7%
50 Back 155ft F40.83 Adot41.64-0.81-1.9%41.64-0.81-1.9%
100 Back 155ft F1:27.75 Adot1:29.90-2.15-2.4%1:29.90-2.15-2.4%
50 Breast 155ft F47.02 A 46.95+0.07+0.1%46.95+0.07+0.1%
100 Breast 155ft F1:40.67 Adot1:41.30-0.63-0.6%1:41.30-0.63-0.6%
50 Fly 155ft F38.11 A 37.76+0.35+0.9%37.76+0.35+0.9%
200 IM 155ft F3:05.71 A NTNT
50 Free 155ft F37.57 B NTNT
50 Back 155ft F43.07 B NTNT
50 Fly 155ft F44.11 B NTNT
50 Free 155ft F29.54 FARWdot29.65-0.11-0.4%30.37-0.83-2.7%
100 Free 155ft F1:05.97 FARW 1:04.63+1.34+2.1%1:04.63+1.34+2.1%
50 Back 155ft F36.87 JO 35.64+1.23+3.5%36.12+0.75+2.1%
100 Back 155ft F1:18.63 JO 1:16.63+2.00+2.6%1:16.63+2.00+2.6%
50 Breast 155ft F41.78 JOdot42.60-0.82-1.9%42.60-0.82-1.9%
100 Breast 155ft F1:33.18 A 1:32.32+0.86+0.9%1:32.56+0.62+0.7%
50 Fly 155ft F32.92 FARWdot32.99-0.07-0.2%33.43-0.51-1.5%
200 IM 155ft F2:40.43 FARWdot2:49.02-8.59-5.1%2:51.35-10.92-6.4%

11-12    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
GEE, MEGAN L     12.0
50 Free 155ft F30.34 A 30.12+0.22+0.7%30.12+0.22+0.7%
100 Free 155ft F1:04.57 Adot1:11.52-6.95-9.7%1:05.88-1.31-2.0%
50 Back 155ft F35.75 Adot35.93-0.18-0.5%35.93-0.18-0.5%
50 Breast 155ft F36.79 JO 36.36+0.43+1.2%36.36+0.43+1.2%
200 Breast 155ft F2:57.02 Adot3:07.64-10.62-5.7%2:57.97-0.95-0.5%
50 Fly 155ft F31.84 Adot32.84-1.00-3.0%32.84-1.00-3.0%
100 Free 155ft F59.62 JOdot59.78-0.16-0.3%59.78-0.16-0.3%
50 Back 155ft F33.30 Adot33.55-0.25-0.7%33.83-0.53-1.6%
100 Back 155ft F1:10.88 JOdot1:13.09-2.21-3.0%1:13.67-2.79-3.8%
50 Breast 155ft F37.22 JOdot38.90-1.68-4.3%38.90-1.68-4.3%
200 Breast 155ft F2:57.13 A 2:55.98+1.15+0.7%3:04.30-7.17-3.9%
50 Fly 155ft F28.63 PRTdot28.79-0.16-0.6%28.79-0.16-0.6%
400 IM 155ft F5:09.85 FARWdot5:24.40-14.55-4.5%5:37.52-27.67-8.2%
50 Free 155ft F32.76 B 31.44+1.32+4.2%31.44+1.32+4.2%
50 Breast 155ft F37.58 JOdot38.35-0.77-2.0%38.35-0.77-2.0%
50 Free 155ft F37.73 -- 37.08+0.65+1.8%37.08+0.65+1.8%
100 Free 155ft F1:25.97 --dot1:27.10-1.13-1.3%1:27.67-1.70-1.9%
50 Back 155ft F45.72 --dot46.23-0.51-1.1%46.23-0.51-1.1%
50 Breast 155ft F49.26 --dot50.11-0.85-1.7%50.11-0.85-1.7%
50 Free 155ft F27.29 JO 27.26+0.03+0.1%28.08-0.79-2.8%
100 Free 155ft F59.34 JO 58.80+0.54+0.9%1:02.45-3.11-5.0%
200 Free 155ft F2:08.97 JOdot2:11.02-2.05-1.6%2:11.75-2.78-2.1%
100 Back 155ft F1:07.74 JOdot1:07.91-0.17-0.3%1:07.91-0.17-0.3%
50 Breast 155ft F33.72 PRTdot33.86-0.14-0.4%33.86-0.14-0.4%
200 Breast 155ft F2:32.93 PRT 2:31.93+1.00+0.7%2:31.93+1.00+0.7%
400 IM 155ft F5:04.05 FARWdot5:18.70-14.65-4.6%5:14.07-10.02-3.2%
ROSA, CAMYLE A     12.1
50 Free 155ft F29.33 A 29.29+0.04+0.1%29.29+0.04+0.1%
100 Free 155ft F1:03.52 Adot1:03.99-0.47-0.7%1:05.21-1.69-2.6%
200 Free 155ft F2:20.32 Adot2:21.83-1.51-1.1%2:21.83-1.51-1.1%
50 Back 155ft F35.28 A 34.62+0.66+1.9%34.62+0.66+1.9%
100 Back 155ft F1:15.40 A 1:14.53+0.87+1.2%1:15.16+0.24+0.3%
50 Breast 155ft F40.73 A 39.53+1.20+3.0%41.23-0.50-1.2%
50 Fly 155ft F31.46 JOdot31.98-0.52-1.6%31.98-0.52-1.6%

11-12    BOYS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F39.98 -- 37.47+2.51+6.7%37.47+2.51+6.7%
100 Free 155ft F1:33.91 -- 1:24.24+9.67+11.5%1:29.61+4.30+4.8%
50 Back 155ft F46.00 -- 41.96+4.04+9.6%46.53-0.53-1.1%
50 Breast 155ft F55.42 -- 51.79+3.63+7.0%53.79+1.63+3.0%
PENA, MARX JOHN F     12.2
50 Free 155ft F32.33 Bdot32.60-0.27-0.8%32.60-0.27-0.8%
100 Free 155ft F1:11.61 Bdot1:14.14-2.53-3.4%1:14.14-2.53-3.4%
200 Free 155ft F2:37.14 Bdot2:46.89-9.75-5.8%2:46.89-9.75-5.8%
50 Back 155ft F37.82 B 37.27+0.55+1.5%37.27+0.55+1.5%
100 Back 155ft F1:22.38 Bdot1:25.57-3.19-3.7%1:27.84-5.46-6.2%
50 Breast 155ft F40.26 Adot41.40-1.14-2.8%41.40-1.14-2.8%
200 Breast 155ft F3:05.50 A NT3:13.04-7.54-3.9%
50 Fly 155ft F35.49 A 34.56+0.93+2.7%34.56+0.93+2.7%

13-14    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F34.17 -- 32.30+1.87+5.8%34.61-0.44-1.3%
100 Free 155ft F1:18.13 -- 1:11.97+6.16+8.6%1:17.92+0.21+0.3%
100 Breast 155ft F1:36.37 -- 1:34.08+2.29+2.4%1:34.26+2.11+2.2%
400 IM 155ft F6:49.81 --dot7:09.52-19.71-4.6%7:09.52-19.71-4.6%
ROSA, CYANNA E     13.2
50 Free 155ft F30.28 Bdot30.35-0.07-0.2%30.54-0.26-0.9%
100 Free 155ft F1:06.43 Bdot1:06.58-0.15-0.2%1:06.58-0.15-0.2%
200 Free 155ft F2:26.29 Bdot2:29.10-2.81-1.9%2:29.10-2.81-1.9%
100 Back 155ft F1:23.40 -- 1:23.37+0.03+0.0%1:25.48-2.08-2.4%
100 Breast 155ft F1:27.76 B 1:25.66+2.10+2.5%1:29.47-1.71-1.9%
200 Breast 155ft F3:18.10 -- 3:07.71+10.39+5.5%3:10.84+7.26+3.8%

13-14    BOYS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F28.75 B 28.53+0.22+0.8%28.53+0.22+0.8%
100 Free 155ft F1:03.94 Bdot1:04.07-0.13-0.2%1:04.21-0.27-0.4%
200 Free 155ft F2:23.24 B 2:21.45+1.79+1.3%2:23.06+0.18+0.1%
100 Back 155ft F1:17.53 --dot1:17.72-0.19-0.2%1:18.86-1.33-1.7%
100 Breast 155ft F1:27.42 B 1:24.14+3.28+3.9%1:24.14+3.28+3.9%
200 Breast 155ft F3:08.34 B 3:02.57+5.77+3.2%3:02.57+5.77+3.2%

15-16    GIRLS 
EventTime  Std Best  Secs  %  Last  Secs  %  
50 Free 155ft F28.12 Adot28.22-0.10-0.4%28.22-0.10-0.4%
100 Free 155ft F1:01.40 Adot1:01.99-0.59-1.0%1:01.99-0.59-1.0%
200 Free 155ft F2:18.97 B 2:17.73+1.24+0.9%2:17.88+1.09+0.8%
100 Back 155ft F1:10.97 Adot1:12.30-1.33-1.8%1:12.50-1.53-2.1%
100 Fly 155ft F1:08.80 A 1:08.30+0.50+0.7%1:08.30+0.50+0.7%

Walnut Creek Senior II Meet

posted Oct 30, 2013, 10:04 AM by Pat Windschitl

I was very excited to see so many of our younger and high school swimmers do so well at their first Senior Meet. 

In the 12 and under group we had some incredible swims from Brianna Carino and Vincent Tejidor. Bri dropped a half second in her 50y fly to finish with a 29.19, and nearly 5 seconds in her 200 Fly to finish 2:25.19, a new PRT time and team record. Vince dropped a second in his 50y and 100y Breaststrokes, picking up a new PRT and team record in the 50. He dropped nearly 10 seconds in the 200y Breast for a New TR and PRT at 2:31, and dropped a full second in the 50y Fly to finish 28.19. 

In the 13-14 bracket Meigan Loomis had a fantastic 100 free, dropping over a second and a half to finish with a new best time of 58.64. Hunter Luna dropped another second in her 100 fly for a 1:06, and 9 seconds in her 100 backstroke. Kamryn Lucero, Scarlett Green, Nathan Hu, Luke Martin and Keiana Fountaine were right on best times in most events, with Keiana and Scarlett picking up a new A times in the mile. Luke finished his first 200y Breast as a 13-14, and Grayson O'Leary dropped a second in the event. 

13 year old Caleb Andres had the most nerve wrecking swims of the meet for a coach. On Saturday he swam his first mile. About 400 yards in while calculating his split times it looked like he was going to be 10-12 seconds behind the JO cut. But as he swam he stayed consistent with his early splits, and around the last 300 yards he was suddenly only 2 seconds behind! He finished with a 19:08 in the event, with JO's being a 19:09, picking up his first JO QT as a 13-14. He had a near repeat performance on Sunday with the 1000 Free, missing qualifiers by only .7 of a second! 

In the 15-18 division Bri Houser went best times in the 100 back and 100 fly, picking up HS sections in Fly. Julia Vares picked up a new A time in the 100 Back and in the 100 Fly. Preston Tsang dropped time in his 100 Free with a 56 to finish!
Brianna Carino 50 & 200 Fly
Vincent Tejidor 50/200 Breast & 50/100 Fly
Keiana Fountaine 1650
Caleb Andres 1000, 1650

Lodi Pumpkin Meet Oct 11-12 2013

posted Oct 14, 2013, 10:18 AM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Oct 14, 2013, 12:29 PM ]

6/under, and 8/under division:
Caelin Garcia picked up new B times in the 25, 50 freestyle events and 25 backstroke at her first meet! She also swam a legal 25 breaststroke and 25 butterfly at 6 years old! She was also our first place finisher in the freestyle events, backstroke and butterfly for the 6 and under division! With the 6 and under boys Kavin Satishkumar had a strong first meet finishing with a 35 in the 25 free and 54 in the 25 backstroke!

We are very proud of how our 8 and under group did this weekend, with almost all going best times in the bulk of their events. Medha Boddugari dropped time in both her 25 back and 25 free, Hanna Gomez swam a strong 25 free at 26 seconds, her first race! as did Carley McVicker with the 25 free and 25 backstroke, Michaela Hickok swam her first legal 100 IM, and 50 backstroke, picking up B times in both events, amd Jaydan Shockey swam strong in the 25 free, back, and breast picking up B times! Ariana Munoz was our top placing 8 and under girl on Saturday, picking up A times in 3 of her 4 races!

With the boys Declan Coombs dropped a second in the 25 and 50 free, Edward Logan dropped 5 seconds in the 100 Free, and 1 second in the 50 backstroke. Isaac Russell Cheung dropped 7 seconds in the 50 back, 6 seconds in the 25 breast, and 4 seconds in the 50 fly to pick up a new team record with a 40.45, our first 8 and under boy PRT record time!

9-10 Division:
Aislinn Coombs was our standout swimmer of the 9-10 girls division at the meet. She picked up not just her first JO times at the meet, but 5! She's now qualified to race in the 50 free, 50 back, 100 breast, 50 fly, and 100 fly, and she's not far off her other events! This brings our 9-10 girls Winter Junior Olympic group to 4 event qualifiers, our biggest group yet!

Kelly Dam did incredibly well in her first race at her first meet as sh broke 2 minutes in her 100 free. Ashlynn See did amazing picking up new A times in the 50 free, 100 free, 50 Breast, 100 Breast, and 50 Fly, she also walked away with more than a few pumpkins.

Zackary Chau picked up new B times at the meet in his 100 and 200 Free, dropping 11 seconds in the 100 free. He also swam his first legal 100 Backstroke! Ronin Tsang had a solid first meet with a 44 in 50 free and 50 in 50 backstroke.

11-12 Division:
The 11-12 group was easily our strongest team at the meet this weekend, with significant time drops across the board from the groups. Aline Alducin dropped time in every single event, with the largest in her 50 fly with a second and a half. Abby Figueroa and Mariah Hu dropped 2 seconds in their 100 Breast. Camyle Rosa dropped 5 in that event and 1 second in the 50 fly, she now has A times in every racing event!

Emma Magnussen had some incredible swims this weekend, dropping 2 seconds in 100 free to go 59.7, her first time under a minute!, she also dropped 6 seconds in the 100 breast for a new JO's, 2 seconds in the 50 fly for a 28, a new FW, and 4 seconds in her 100 IM for a 1:10. Brianna Carino dropped one second in her 100 fly to finish with a 1:04.93, a new team record.

In the boys division Nathan Chau dropped time in every event, with 14 seconds dropped in the 200 free! Julian Munoz swam his first meet in the 11-12 age group  and picked up B times in 3 of his 4 events, Hudson Tsang also raced in his first meet and picked up a B time in the 50 breast.

Crisitan Munoz broke the team record in 50 fly with a 28, a new FW time, dropped 1 second in his 100 free to finish 58, dropped 7 in the 200 free to finish 2:08, and dropped 4 seconds in the 50 breast with a 35. Vince Tejidor dropped 3 seconds in the 50 free to go 26, 3 seconds in the 100 Fly to re-set the team record at 1:02, a new PRT, and 3 seconds in the 100 IM to finish with a 1:04.

13-14, 15-16, 17-18 divisions.
Keina Foutaine won the 200 Fly with a 2:23. Nathan Hu won the boys 200 Fly with a 2:10.  Jordon Genung dropped 5 seconds in her 200 IM, Scarlett Green dropped time in 200 Breast, and Cyanna Rosa was right off best times in her events.

This was the first team meet for Brandon Liu and Tudor Muresan, both dropped time in the 100 freestyle and 100 breaststrokes! Esteban "Muscles" Perez dropped time in his 50 free and 100 breaststroke events!

Jesse Russell-Cheung had the strongest meet for our 13-18 group. He dropped 5 seconds in the 100 Free to finish 1:00, 1 second in his 200 IM with a 2:20, and 3 seconds in his 200 breast to go 2:25. Preston Tsang dropped time in his 100 free, and 100 breaststroke, finishing breast with a 1:06.

Bri Houser dropped 3 seconds in her 200 free and swam a strong first 200 fly this weekend! Gaby Perez dropped time in her 100 and 50 free, and another second in her 100 fly to finish with a 1:08! Amy Windschitl dropped a second in her 200 IM! Cassidy Waters dropped 6 seconds in her 200 IM for a new A time in the event. 


8 and unders:
Isaac Russell-Cheung set new team records in the 50 Back,  25 Breast, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, & 100 IM!

Brianna Carino re-set the record in 100 Fly
Cristian Munoz set the record in 50 Fly
Vince Tejidor re-set the record in 100 Fly

Jesse Russell-Cheung set the record in 200 Breast

Orinda Meet Oct 5th 2013

posted Oct 8, 2013, 12:31 PM by Pat Windschitl

In the 8 and under age group I was excited to see all of our girls do so well! Nika Bergado and Yaelle Tanjuakio dropped time in most of their events, with Nika dropping 13 seconds in the 50 fly, and Yaelle dropping 4 seconds in the 50 back. Both girls picked up A times in almost every event! Lauryn Lucero picked up 3 new team records in 25 breaststroke and in the 25 and 50y fly events. She also dropped 4 seconds in the backstroke to pick up a new PRT!

In the 9-10 Division Ryan Cox dropped another second in the 50 free, putting her just one second away from her first JO time! She also dropped 4 seconds in the 50 Fly! Marijo Pena dropped time in almost all of her events, with a 6 second drop in 100 breast, 5 seconds in 50 fly, and 4 seconds in 100 IM! Liahla Fernandez dropped 6 seconds in the 100 Fly picking up a new A time, and 7 seconds in the 100 IM picking up new JO's in the event. Jill Lucero dropped 4 seconds in her 100 IM picking up a new JO in the event as well! Jenika Tanjuakio had an incredibly impressive swim in her 100 fly, dropping 4 seconds to finish 1:11 in the event with a new PRT time. 

With the 11-12 girls Malia Fernandez dropped over half a second in her 50 free to finish 26.03, a new PRT and team record time. Malia also dropped a full second off her best time in the 100 free to finish with a 57.43, a new team record as well. Caitlin O'Neill picked up 4 new team records, and had an amazing 200 breaststroke dropping nearly 10 seconds to finish with a 2:31, a new PRT and only 4 seconds away from Sectionals! She also dropped 3 seconds in her 200 IM for a 2:22! 

With the boys Kristian Ibale had strong swims in his freestyle events dropping nearly a full second in his 100 free. He also did very well in his first 200 Backstroke and 200 IM! Marx John Pena also dropped time in his freestyle events, survived his first 200 fly and 200 backstroke, and dropped nearly 5 seconds in the 50 fly to move him only 2 seconds away from his first JO's in the event! 

In the 13-14 division Justine Abuso, Kristopher Ibale and Kamryn Lucero were right on best times in all of their events. Kris went a best time in 100 free by over half a second, Kamryn dropped time in her 200 breast.

New Records!

8 and under Age Division
25 Breast - LUCERO, LAURYN 21.36  A
25 Fly -    LUCERO, LAURYN 16.65  PRT
50 Fly -    LUCERO, LAURYN 37.71  PRT 

9-10 Age Division

11-12 Age Division
50 Free  - FERNANDEZ, MALIA 26.03  PRT
100 Free - FERNANDEZ, MALIA 57.43  FW
200 Back - O'NEILL, CAITLIN 2:29.9 JO
50 Breast- O'NEILL, CAITLIN 33.86  FW
200 Breast-O'NEILL, CAITLIN 2:31.9 PRT
200 IM   - O'NEILL, CAITLIN 2:22.8 FW

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